108 – Hidden Data Analysis


The given files were first examined at face value by opening them with the system recommended programs (i.e. images with an image viewer, text files with a text editor, HTML files with a web-browser).  A an interesting text document mentioning guns was found.  The text document [New Text Document (3).txt] contained the name of another file [bills.xlsx].  Suspicious lines in the text document began with cell numbers corresponding to bills.xlsx file.  The image cell numbers were not accurate but the text ones were.  The cells contains the same text as the text document.

The web files were opened in a text editor and examined for any hidden HTML, none was found.  Each excel and doc were opened and any known object were examined (f5 in LibreOffice writer and LibreOffice Calc).  The bills.xlsx file was found to have image object that were not immediately visible.  Upon examining the cells that these images lived in it was apparent that there existed small images of guns scattered around the excel document in an effort to make them no hard to find.